What we make

Alsbach-Hänlein is another production facility, in addition to Kleinkarlbach. We manufacture organic acids, as well as their esters and salts, which are important synthesis components in the chemical industry. Processing focuses particularly on thioglycolic acid, an organic acid containing sulphur. This serves as a precurser for many raw materials, finding use in cold perms and hair dyes for example. Besides the classic marketing of special chemicals, such as the organic thio compounds, we also manufacture to specific customer requirements. This includes basic substances and intermediate products, which are stored and refined according to customer instructions. In addition to needs-based delivery – even in small quantities – this involves filling and storage, through to suitable packaging. The business activities of the Dr. Spiess Chemische Fabrik GmbH are internationally oriented. We are well familiar with the international markets. We have been contributing our know-how to our excellent business relations all over the world for many years.